About What Lies

a few words about what we stand for
Our Founder & Curator,
Julian Gray

"Graydient Collective
is a project I first conceived in 2018 as a platform to not only explore and share all of the facets of my own creativity, but to support budding creatives with a community to bring their artistic visions to life. Since its inception, this project has grown into a huge family of creative people that consistently change my perspectives and inspire me on a daily basis. As a music teacher and mentor for hundreds of students over the years i've internalized the value of sharing and collaboration, something that has truly come to fruition in this project.

The aspiration to create something truly special, memorable and personally moving has always been a lingering thought in my mind as i've approached projects over the years, and I believe that this thought is mutual  to many involved with the Graydient project. I'm incredibly proud of the sheer inspiration, innovation, creativity, and drive to create that radiates from our community, and am humbled to have been involved in the process of bringing these artists together."

Graydient Artists ⟶